Notes for existing schools

This is Theme 2 of our exciting new range of themes! 

New Features

Every new theme (and the current default theme) comes with a range new features.

  • New text editor with more controls than ever (also known as your toolbar).
  • Online form creator - see one in action here.
  • Embeded tables on web pages - see the new look table here.
  • Sections are now called Widgets - on this theme they appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Wider page view when editing a page
  • 'All day' facility when creating an event
  • Ability to load a .png image in Recent News
  • Facebook link - a facebook button on your website header to link direct to your page.
  • New choice of Quick Link Icons - Click here for the new range that can be customised to your school colours.

Points to note when switching to Theme 2

You can use our default wallpaper or load your own.  It could be a photo, a picture/graphic or even some student artwork.

You can also opt for a solid colour background if you do not wish to use wallpaper.

On this theme, recent news pictures have been displayed, but you do have the ability to turn off the picture in your recent news.

Your current Recent News images will be lost in the transition - they're too small for the new themes. Please prepare a new set at minimum dimensions (W x H) 600x400 - you'll be able to easily load these yourself.

Recent News articles will be capped to 300 characters on the homepage with the remainder appearing under the 'read more'.

In some cases we may need to adjust the number of tabs in the main Navigation menu if it encroaches on the area allocated to the logo.

Theme Transition

Click here if you wish to transition to this theme.

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